Sliding Glass Door

Ready to provide solutions to those looking for a sliding glass door in Aurora, Ontario, and to those in need of some repairs & services, our company is your go-to team on all occasions. Sliding doors are a great choice whether for new construction or remodel. While many people only associate them with patio doors, slide doors are often used indoors too.

Now, the good news is that our company is at your service if your sliding glass patio doors are stuck and won’t close. But we are also here if the glass broke or it’s time to get a new patio or interior sliding door. And all you’ve got to do to book service, get answers to questions, and request a free estimate is to make contact with Aurora Windows & Doors.

Want to discover your sliding glass door Aurora options?

Sliding Glass Door Aurora

If you plan to get a sliding glass door, Aurora’s most professional team is at your service. Let’s talk about your project. Is it time to replace the old patio door? Do you remodel and want a few glass sliding doors replaced? Or, is this the first time you are getting sliding glass doors? Whatever your case, we are the ideal team for you.

We offer solutions to all those who plan some sliding glass door Aurora project. And do so with no delay. Plus, a pro comes out to check your property, measure, and talk details with you. Should we start with that so that you will get informed about your choices and the approx. costs?

Interior and patio sliding glass doors for all tastes and needs

There are glass and frame options for indoor applications but full gravity on such matters is given when it comes to patio doors. In both cases, we focus on the space available and thus the dimensions needed. One of the best things about slide doors is the way they operate. Since they slide to the side, they don’t need swing-in or out space. But there must be space on the side. Of course, there’s also the case of pocket doors, which go into the wall.

The case with sliding patio glass doors is a bit different since many things must be considered. Don’t you worry. We focus on them all to ensure you enjoy maximum comfort, energy efficiency, and security. We offer great framing options and durable products and glass choices to keep the noise and the weather out. Whether for interior or patio slide glass doors, there are excellent design choices, material options, glazing solutions. Want to see?

Quality services, from sliding glass door installation to repairs

Just like any other service, the sliding glass door installation is performed with absolute respect to the product’s features and overall specs. The job is done in accordance with all building regulations and all standards. If these are your expectations and want a glass slide door, why don’t you tell us about it? Unless, of course, what you need right now is some solutions to your Aurora sliding glass door problems, in which case, the sooner you call, the sooner you’ll see the problems gone.